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Reviews – HOME

Cătălin Botezatu – Designer

I confidently recommend the Dental Progress Clinic, my former model’s dental clinic, who became today one of the best dentists in Bucharest.

Andra – singer

I come with pleasure to Coffi, who has been treating me for a good time now, and I honestly tell you that I am very pleased with the results.

Silvana Santaella – Miss Venezuela

With all my love for Dental Progress. Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best and I leave content, with a wonderful smile.

Valentina Pelinel – international model

Apart the fact that we are friends, you are the only doctor who makes the injection painless. So I come without fears!

Cătălin Măruţă – tv host

Coffi is not just the dentist for me. He is a good friend already. I had a surprise, a revelation since the first visit to his office that is equipped according to the international standards.

Victor Slav – tv host

We want a place that looks alike with a classic dental office as less as possible. I found this place because my good friend and excellent doctor, Coffi Dima, took care of it.

Dana Săvuică – TV star, businesswoman

Now it is a true pleasure to go to the dentist, letting myself on the competent hands of Dr. Coffi Dima! Thank you!

Profesor Florin Zamfirescu – actor and UNATC rector

To enter into a dental clinic with a front tooth that was dangerously loose, being attached only to the gum, and to leave two hours later with perfect stable teeth, so ending all the sufferings of the previous night and days, it is a real miracle!
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