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Andra – singer

v dentist andra

„In the past few years I understood that it is highly important to trust your doctor one hundred percent.

I come with pleasure to Coffi, who has been treating me for a good time now, and I honestly tell you that I am very pleased with the results. Everyone ask me to whom I owe my smile, my white and healthy teeth and so on.

Well I owe to this man the health of my teeth but also the relaxation to brightly and broadly smile.

I am a fearful kind of person, but I came here with my heart open: I was never scared and Coffi convinced me that there are no reasons to be. He was right, I have never felt pain.

I am grateful to him that he not only treated me from dental point of view, but he also treated me form psychological point of view, meaning that he made me get rid of the fear of medical offices. I will always come back with pleasure and with the surety that this way I am preserving my health and the light on my face.

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