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The future of modern dentistry is represented by the treatment with the aid of dental implants

Dental implants represent the section of dentistry with the highest progress during the last years. The boundaries have been pushed as far as possible and few were the cases that could not have been solved with the help of dental implants.

The dental implant is a titanium component that represents the correspondent of the tooth root.

At Dental Progress Clinic we use dental implants of the highest quality, made of the purest grade 5 titanium, which are treated so that the human body perceives them as a tooth root, not as a foreign object. Therefore there is no situation when a patient’s body has rejected the dental implant, THE RATE OF INTEGRATION BEING 100%. We use the latest dental implants, their choice being based on a valuable experience with various systems. When we are asked: “For how long are dental implants guaranteed?”we like to answer that our treatment with dental implants it is done to last a lifetime! Of course, that if the patient strictly follows the directions given after the surgery of the dental implants placement, the daily oral hygiene and the periodical examinations!

If recently the treatment with dental implants depended on the amount of bone of the targeted area, nowadays there are many procedures and innovative materials for bone regeneration which allow the use of dental implant treatment even in worse cases.

IN IMPLANTOLOGY THE SMALL DETAILES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! And the small details are highly related to the doctor and his team, but also to the materials he uses. That is why we hear so many different opinions. Some patients are scared of dental implants because they have heard only bad things from other patients who describe the dental implant placement surgery as something unpleasant, while our patients, in most of the cases, say they have not felt any pain either during the surgery or after the passing of anesthesia.

Behind a successful surgery there is much training of the doctor and his team and many specialization courses. That is why we recommend you to carefully choose your implantologist doctor whereas a cavity filling incorrectly performed can be replaced the next day, while a dental implant incorrectly inserted can cause many inconveniences and its removal can be very difficult if the period of osseointegration has passed.

Dr. Cosmin Dima, the implantologist doctor of the Dental Progress Clinic has studied implantology both in the country and especially abroad and has an over 10 year extensive experience, placing over thousands of dental implants.

The partnership with professors with worldwide reputation (see Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright’s review) represents a big advantage, professors who offer us, when needed, competent opinions of a worldwide level.

The treatment with the aid of dental implants is a modern complex procedure and often an indispensable method to replace a lost tooth. The advantages of dental implants for patients have proven to be multiple and very important: dental implant prosthetics offer the highest level of comfort and resistance in time, the functionality is complete, the integrity of the old teeth is not affected, the aspect is a natural one and the oral hygiene is easy to maintain.

Practically the treatment with the aid of dental implants is the only physiological option when we want to fill a remaining space after a tooth extraction. The masticatory forces are transmitted through the dental implant to the alveolar bone so the alveolar bone is stimulated to regenerate through resorption and bone apposition, reaction encountered to natural teeth. For a classic prosthesis this bone regeneration is not realized because, unlike the dental implant which is positioned inside the bone, the dental bridge is suspended above the gum, being in contact only with the adjacent gum.

What is a dental implant?

dental implant is a component made of titanium and other alloys which serves as pillar for the replacement of a missing tooth. The dental implant is surgically placed into the maxillary bone or mandible bone. The surgery is followed by a waiting period when a connection (osseointegration) between the implant and the bone is being established, so that the dental implant could support a crown, a fixed complete/partial denture or a removable denture. This artificial support will serve as tooth root on which the permanent dental crown will be made. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or several teeth. Dentures supported by implants have a similar aspect with the natural teeth aspect and the function of the missing tooth is taken by the prosthesis with implant support. The dental implant therapy is a restorative option with a long clinical history. Dental implants preserve the integrity of facial features and reduce the disadvantages of tooth loss.

Is this surgery painful?

The placement of dental implants is not painful, it is performed, in most of the cases, with local anesthesia. This is a very efficient type of anesthesia that offers the doctor the possibility to permanently communicate with the patient during the surgery of dental implant placement. There are cases when intravenous sedation is required, a technique usually used for patients with anxiety or for patients who suffer surgeries that last longer and that are more complex and more invasive. In dental implantology general anesthesia is rarely used, only for peculiar situations. The lasting of the surgery of dental implant placement varies from 45 minutes to several hours, depending on the number of implants and on the complexity of the case treated at that moment, and, after surgery, the patient can normally continue his daily routine.

The major advantages of dental implants:

Precursory stages of dental implant placement

Detailed examination to evaluate both the health of oral cavity and general condition.

Radiological investigations consisting in panoramic dental X-ray and computed tomography (CT) of the concerned area, mandible or maxilla, investigations that offer precise details regarding the height, thickness and density of the bone and precise measurements based on which we can certainly establish the possibility for the dental implant placement.

At the Dental Progress Clinic, thanks to the doctors’ abilities, you will see dental implants as an investment in your health. You can be secure about the quality of execution and of all used materials and tools, either we refer to dental implants or implant supported denture or orthodontic implantsor any other prosthesis.

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