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  • We give our best for our treatment plan to be painless, as complicated they may be

  • We have over 7000 content patients

  • We certainly do not have the lowest prices, but also not the highest, because we want to treat patients at the right price for what we offer

  • We offer the most extensive warranty in domain (See warranty certificate)

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An Extraordinary Team

Because in 10 years from now, in 20 years from now we will still be here and we want then to be proud of the treatments performed today and we want you to be happy for choosing us.

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Dr. Cosmin Dima și o parte din medicii echipei Dental Progress sunt speakeri internaționali (vezi echipa Dental Progress). Dr. Cosmin Dima este inventatorul unei tehnici chirurgicale.

Dental Technology

Advancements in new dental technology offer better solutions for traditional oral health problems than ever before.  The trend in dentistry is utilizing technology to make dentistry more comfortable, durable, efficient and natural-looking for the patient as possible.

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