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Dental surgery is the area of dentistry that facilitates the success of the interventions for periodontal disease

Whether we are talking about the rescue of a tooth or the preparation of prosthesis or any other procedure, at the Dental Progress Clinic the surgical treatment of disease (dental surgery) it is successfully performed thanks to the experienced doctors and to the advanced technology that they use.

In our clinic you are offered a wide range of medical services:

  1. The execution of difficult extractions (wisdom teeth, impacted teeth). A compromised tooth can be a focus of infection for the human body so the tooth extraction can be considered a needed procedure that aims to prevent the evolution of the infection.
  2. Apical resection. During this procedure the top of the tooth will be removed, preserving the healthy root of the tooth in order to be restored and maybe even included into a future prosthesis.
  3. Removal of periapical cyst
  4. Odontectomy
  5. Cystectomy
  6. Periodontal surgery
  7. Periodontal plastic surgery
  8. Frenectomy – implies the removal of the lingual frenulum when it negatively affects the lives of the patients;

Oral and maxillofacial surgeries:

The oro-maxillo-facial surgery approaches surgical pathology aspects of the oral cavity, visceral cranium, face and cervical region.

There are many oral surgical interventions that can be performed in the dental offices, under the circumstances when there are provided all the necessary material conditions to perform a bleeding surgery and also to treat the possible accidents or complications. To the material conditions it is absolutely indispensable the association with the adequate medication and surgical training of the doctor in order to protect the patient from the occurrence of iatrogenic pathological changes, changes that in most of the cases are harder to treat than the initial reason of the surgery. Usually, into the dental offices there can be performed endodontic interventions and, only in exceptional situations, soft tissue interventions of the cervicofacial or of the maxilla area.

The oro-maxillo-facial surgeries are performed in specialized services, where there are the possibilities to provide a complex and surgical treatments and postoperative care.

Beside the adequate materials, there are a few fundamental conditions required to perform a surgery, namely:

the ensuring of a perfect visibility of the surgical field creating an access as convenient as possible

a cold lighting which do not warm the patient or the doctor and do not shadow the surgical area

the proper evacuation of the blood or secretions by using either the vacuum or the tampon, in order to avoid either to flood the surgical area or to disturb the patient’s breathing

In order to perform any surgical intervention it is required an assistant to remove the soft parts, to vacuum the secretions and to give the doctor the instruments. A good assistant should anticipate the medic’s requires so the surgery to evolve in the best conditions.

Maxillary sinuses

The maxillary bones are cavities found in the body of maxilla, above the molars and premolars. They are composed by two separate cavities, filled with air, placed on the left and right sides of the nasal cavity, and also by a very thin membrane that covers the whole sinus cavity and shelters the proper sinus. Dental extractions and also infections of the molar and premolar roots lead to bone loss and when it is thicker than 8 mm the dental implant placement is impossible.

Sinus lift surgery

Sinus lift surgery is a surgical intervention that aims to allow a further dental implant placement. The lifting of the sinus membrane is done through bone grafting and it is necessary only when the size and the position of the sinuses do not allow the placement of the implant.

The lifting of the sinus membrane is a frail procedure which requires a lot of attention and precision from the implantologist but which contributes at patient’s life quality improvement. Important from both functional and aesthetic points of view, the sinus lift surgery is a new innovator procedure which offers viable options for the patients who do not prefer removable dentures.

The maxillary sinus lifting can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Internal sinus lift
  2. External sinus lift

New! INTRALIFT system

The piezoelectric surgery or the ultrasonic surgery represents the most modern version of surgery in our days. The rotary systems are replaced by special loops that vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies, managing to cut the bone without warming or affecting it. This is a big advantage for the patient, the chances to swell or to have postoperative pains being lower.

This is what explains that, even after elaborate surgeries, our patients do not have even the smallest inconvenience.

At the Dental Progress Clinic, it is used probably the most advanced Satelec piezoelectric equipment in the world, manufactured by the Acteon company.

The surgical kit of this equipment can be used for BONE BLOCK HARVESTINGBONE SPLITTING or EXTERNAL SINUS LIFT, its big advantage being that it cuts only into the bone. Once it reaches the soft tissue, the device becomes harmless, the risk of accident being highly reduced.

The INTRALIFT kit of the same device is an ingenious system of the INTERNAL SINUS LIFT, maybe the less traumatic in the world because it lifts the maxillary sinus membrane with the aid of bubbles of air and water, the pressure on the membrane being equal and very soft. It is probably the only system with which the height of the bone can be increased by 1 to 13-15 mm in the same session.

A big plus of the Dental Progress Clinic is represented by the partnership with one of the inventors of this exceptional system, Professor Doctor Marcel Wainwright.

Prof. Dr. Wainwright with Dr. Dima and Dental Progress team have performed an INTERNAL SINUS LIFTEXTERNAL SINUS LIFTBONE REGENERATION and dental implant placement surgery that was recorded and live broadcasted.

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