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Profesor Florin Zamfirescu – actor and UNATC rector

“A welcoming house, just like a luxury hotel… silence and cleaning just like in a museum… fresh air and a discrete reception…

I am only describing a dental clinic from Bucharest. Latest equipment and impeccable execution.

All these would be enough, but to my astonishment as patient, here comes the big surprise: the doctor’s inventiveness and ability to solve impossible case, as it was mine.

In other words, to enter into a dental clinic with a front tooth that was dangerously loose, being attached only to the gum, and to leave two hours later with perfect stable teeth, so ending all the sufferings of the previous night and days, it is a real miracle!

Thank you doctor …COFFI. You’ve got a patient for life!

Kind regards,

Florin Zamfirescu”

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