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Tooth decay is a disease of the tooth that needs treatment.

Various teeth problems, from simple teeth decays to severe complications, can be eliminated with corresponding odontological treatments. The treatments presume the restoration of the structure and functionality of the affected tooth with the help of modern techniques and materials, which allow us to obtain lasting and perfectly aesthetic results.

The symptoms of tooth decays are:

At Dental Progress you can benefit of:

Fluoride treatments have proven to be very efficient, but they are useful only for the incipient stages of tooth decay lesions. The fluoride penetrates the dentinal tubules, fortifying the enamel and increasing its resistance towards acids found in the food and drink daily consumed.

In order to avoid the risk of fracturing the tooth surface, in case of extensive carious lesions, it is recommended to reconstruct the coronary contours with adhesive cementation of indirect tooth restorations.

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