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Dr. Cosmin Dima

Dr. Cosmin Dima

Dr. Cosmin Dima has graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucuresti (UMF) in 2001. Since then he has continued and developed professionally and became a certified implantologist in 2004. From 2014 he holds a master’s degree in periodontology and in 2019 he has finished his PhD in surgery on the theme “Bone regeneration around implants ”. During the years he published many articles about bone regeneration around implants. He also became member in different societies such as: Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania (SSER), European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry ( ESCD) , International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), He is co-founder and education director of the Digital Dentistry Romania Society .

During the last years Dr Cosmin Dima sustained a lot of conferences in the field of piezosurgery, esthetics around implants and advanced surgery for ESCD, SSER, Steigmann Institute, EDAD, ADRE and many other important dental societies all around the world . He is also KOL for Acteon Romania, is certified in advanced soft tissue grafting and implant surgery by the University of Michigan and certified Xpert at

In 2020 he recieved the Lifetime achievement award “A World’s Top 100 doctor in dentistry “ acreditated by the Global Summit Institute.

Dr. Dima invented two surgical techniques, “Snake” Technique and PMT( periosteal membrane technique) both of them with excellent results in bone and soft tissue augmentation.

The value of his clinical cases is worldwide known and Geistlich Company, has chosen one spectacular case about vertical bone regeneration, made by Dr. Dima, to be exposed on Geistlich Jubilee Platform as a recognition of 50 years of success in bone regeneration.

He is the managing director of the Dental Progress Clinic, one of the most important dental clinics in Romania.

Curriculum Vitae


2015 -2019 – PhD in surgery on the theme “Bone regeneration around implants ”
1995 – 2001- “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest
1991 – 1995 – Bachelor Degree “ Gh. Munteanu Murgoci” High School, Brăila

Member of internal and international forums:

– Member of Romanian College of Dentists”

– Member of Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania (SSER)”

– Member of European Society of Esthetic Dentistry ( ESED)”

– Member of International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)”

– Member of Implant Prosthetic Section of the ICOI”

Competence in Implantology – Ministry of Health, National Center for Continuing Education for

Physicians, Pharmacists and Dentists, Bucharest, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and


Training courses, conferences and congresses:

October 2019 – NYU Dentistry – Bucharest Dentistry Summit “Clinical Strategies to Maximize Success in Periodontic, Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry”

September 2019 – CMS – DENTES – SPEAKER“Current concepts and techniques for esthetic, oral and facial rehabilitation” , Targu Mures, Romania

September 2019 – ESCD – SPEAKER – 16th Annual Meeting, Saint Petersburg

June 2019 – ImplatoDays – SPEAKER“ Soft and hard tissue management in Implantology “, Poiana Brasov, Romania

May 2019 – SSER – SPEAKER – International Congress of Eshtetic Dentistry – “ The Dental Esthetic Revolution ”

April 2019 – S.R.R.O – SPEAKER – The scientific Symposium of Dental Medicine, Bucharest, Romania

March 2019 – MIS – M-Guide Course, Bucharest, Romania

March 2019 – A.D.R.E.- SPEAKER – The XI-th International Congress of the Romanian Association for Dental Education, Iasi, Romania

March 2019 – M DENTISTRY –“Advances in Soft Tissue Graft and Implants Surgery”, Heidelberg, Germania

February 2019 – AMSPPR – SPEAKER Paro-Prothetic days of AMSPPR, Bucharest, Romania

November 2018 – ASRM- SPEAKER, Republic of Moldova

November 2018 – ACTEON – SPEAKERActeon Less Invasive Days, Tbilisi, Georgia

June 2018 – EuroPerio9 – “Tridimensional Reconstruction of the Bone ans Doft Tissue in Challenging Cases of the Esthetic Zone” , Amsterdam

June 2018 – ImplantoDays SPEAKER“Mangement of hard and soft tissue in the case of atrophic jaws” , Poiana Brasov, Romania

May 2018 – ACTEON – SPEAKER “ Clinical Application of Acteon Piezotome “– Warsaw

May 2018 – S.S.E.R – SPEAKERConnections in Esthetic Dentistry , Bucharest, Romania

May 2018 – Megagen Days, Bucharest, Romania

October 2017 –SPEAKER International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry, Istanbul, Turcia

September 2017 – S.R.R.O – SPEAKER “ Tridimensional soft and hard tissue reconstruction “, Bucharest, Romania

September 2017– ESCD – SPEAKER 15th ESCD Annual Meeting, Lisbon

September 2017 – SPEAKER Steigmann Institute- Alumni meeting

Aprilie 2017 – The 16th International Biennial Congress of the International Academy of Periodontology “ European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education”, Brasov, Romania

Martie 2017 – Steigmann Institute- Soft Tissue Complication and Full Arch restoration

February 2017 – invited SPEAKER for ESCD Winter Meeting 2017 to sustain the conference entitled “Bone augmentation, horizontal and vertical in the same time with a cyst removal and synusitis treatment” during the XIV-th ESCD Meeting, Bucuresti, Romania

December 2016 – Excellence Award for scientific contributions value as invited SPEAKER at the VIII-th International Congress of the Association for Dental Education 20th edition of the faculty of dentistry days Iasi

October 2016 – Excellence Award for scientific contributions value as invited SPEAKER at the X-th Congress of the Romanian Society for Oral Rehabilitation, Bucuresti, Romania

October 2016 – VII-th International Congress Implants connected to nature, Sibiu, Romania

June 2016 – ImplantoDays, Implantium Company, Poiana Brasov, Romania

May 2016 – Presentation of a poster entitled “Aesthetic and functional restoration through tridimensional bone augmentation” within “3rd Global Conference Announced by MIS Implants” in Barcelona, Spain

May 2016 – invited SPEAKER for SSER International Congress Of Esthetic Dentistry – Absolute Esthetics, to present the conference with “Complex oral rehabilitation of the severe atrophy of the maxilla ” theme, in Bucharest, Romania

April 2016 – invited SPEAKER for “Denta 2016” International Congress to sustain the conference with “Current surgical and prosthetic concepts in order to obtain predictable results regarding aesthetic and functional rehabilitation” subject, in Bucharest, Romania

February 2016 – improvement course within Steigmann Implant Institute in Neckargemund, Heidelberg on the following themes: “Soft tissue management for bone augmentation”, “Soft tissue management for the aesthetic zone”, “Soft tissue management – Prosthetic soft tissue development” Heidelberg, Germania

June 2015 – 12th International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry, Bucharest, Romania Mai 2015 – 8th Conference of European Federation of Periodontology, London, UK September 2014 – EAO Congress, Rome, Italia

Mai 2015 – 8th Conference of European Federation of Periodontology, Londra, UK

Octombrie 2014 – EDAD 18th International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry, Istanbul, Turcia

Septembrie 2014 – EAO Congress, Rome, Italia

May 2014 – International conference on dental aesthetics , Bucharest, Romania

April 2014 – First International Perio-Transylvania Symposium, Sibiu, Romania

November 2013 – Course in mucogingival aesthetic surgery, Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli, Italy November 2013 – Techniques of dental implants placement in aesthetic zone, Cluj- Napoca, Romania

September 2013 – 16th ESE Biennial Congress Lisbon, Portugal

June 2013 – Marathon modern esthetic dentistry, Ivoclar Vivadent, Poiana Brasov, Romania

May 2013 – International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry, Bucharest, Romania March 2013 – Soft Tissue

Management for the Aesthetic Zone, Bucharest, Romania

June 2012 – The most 5 popular procedures with hyaluronic acid: Volumetry, malaro-temporal lifting, perioral rejuvenation, medical rhinoplasty, Bucharest, Romania

May 2012 – International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry, Bucharest, Romania April 2012 – MIS Innovations in oral implantology, Sibiu, Romania

May 2011 – MIS Global conference, presenting innovations in dental implantology, Cancun Mexico

April 2011 – 16th Congress of Balkan stomatological society, update in dental medicine, Bucharest, Romania

December 2010 – Bone reconstructions. Aesthetics, Bucharest, Romania December 2010 – Innovations in dental implant treatment, Bucharest, Romania

December 2010 – GEPI, Formation et perfectionnement en paradontologie et implantologie, Paul Mattout, France

October 2010 – Master in periodontology

October 2010 – The 19 Congress of European Association for Ossteointegration (EAO)–Glasgow, Scotland

September 2010 – Advanced reconstructive techniques in implantology – Prof. Istvan Urban -Budapest, Hungary

July 2010 – Adverse reactions of medication in dentistry – The 10th Anniversary for “Dental Innovations” – Bucharest, Romania

May 2010 – Dental Aesthetics: require or need – Bucharest, Romania

November 2009 – (R)evolution in minimal invasive oral surgery with high level results first Live Intralift –OP in Romania, realised at DENTAL PROGRESS Clinic– Bucharest, Romania

November 2009 – 1st Romanian Intralift, Intensive Workshop – Bucharest, Romania – Live op – Dental Progress Clinic – Prof.Dr Wainwright, Dr. Dima

October 2009 – Advanced clinical endodontics – including retreatment – Bucharest, Romania

September 2009 – Ultrasonic surgery at high level for advanced – Duesseldorf, Germany

May 2009 – Aesthetics and functionality through a multidisciplinary approach – Bucharest, Romania

April 2009 – Clinical endodontics, hands on workshop – Bucharest, Romania

March 2009 – Radiological protection in diagnosis radiology and interventional radiology – Bucharest, Romania

October 2008 – Sinus Lift Course by means of Ultrasonic Surgery – Bucharest, Romania

September 2008 – International course “The power of the management in dental offices” – Bucharest, Romania

June 2008 – International course “Artistic and visual aspects applied in dental aesthetic” – Danube Delta, Romania

May 2008 – SSER Congress “Aesthetics in Dentistry”- Bucuresti, Romania

March 2008 – The 8th International Cogress International for Implantology AISI and the first International Congress AISI – SEI – Venice, Italy

October 2007 – The second National Conference in Periodontology – Bucharest, Romania December 2006 – UNAS Course “Sinus augmentation” – Bucharest, Romania

November 2006 – SSER Course “Local anesthesia – the dentist’s most important ally” – Bucharest, Romania

June 2006 – M.I.S Course “Sinus Lift” – Bucharest, Romania

April 2006 – UNAS Course “Secret of magic for perfect aesthetic” – Bucharest, Romania

March 2006 – SSER Course “Aesthetics and functionality with current 3M ESPE adhesive techniques and materials” – Bucharest, Romania

February 2006 – UNAS Course “Periodontology: diagnosis, treatment and prognosis” – Bucharest, Romania

February 2006 – M.I.S Course “Periodontology” – Bucharest, Romania

October 2005 – The second annual ESED meeting “Art and science in Aesthetic Dentistry” – Berlin, Germany

Septembrer 2005 – UNAS Course “Surgical and prosthetic phase with M.I.S implant” – Bucharest, Romania

September 2005 – SSER Course “Advanced techniques in aesthetic dentistry” – Bucharest, Romania

September 2005 – M.I.S Course “Implants” – Buharest, Romania

June 2005 – UNAS Course “How to realize a high class endodontic treatment without additional costs ” – Bucharest, Romania

May 2005 – Oral Implantology Course “Implant-Prosthetic Treatment in the Third Millennium” – Romanian Society of Oral Implantology and Biomaterials Bucharest, Romania

April 2005 – “Periodontal plastic surgery: new tendencies” Course – German Society of Periodontology DGP, Timisoara, Romania


Indexed Article BDI : Cosmin Dima, Doriana Agop-Forna, Consuela Norina Forna. Romanian Journal of Dental and Medical Education, Vol. 8, No.4, April, 2019, Pg. 1-9

Magazine Article ISI : Cosmin Dima, Doriana Agop-Forna, Sanziana Butnariu Moldovanu, Consuela Norina Forna. Ingluence of Ti- 6A1-4V and Ti-15Zr Dental Implants on the Stress in Mandibular Bone. Materiale Plastice 2019; 56(2), Pg.469-473.


April 2007 – present – Dental Progress Clinic, Bucharest, Romania – Surgeon, Implantology, Periodontology, Dental Aesthetic

October 2001 – April 2007 – EUROESTET Dental Clinic, Bucharest, Romaina – Dentist

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