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Mihaela Balaceanu – patient from Holland

pacienta olanda

“If you read the reviews of the Dental Progress website you will find sonorous name form showbiz, media, business and so on, in one word STARS.

This is why I was nervous before I entered the door of the clinic from Maior Dimitrie Giurascu Street, a clinic decorated in a neoclassical style: “I am not a star” I told myself, but I really needed help. After a month of intense treatments performed with precision, through modern techniques and without pain, I left the clinic as a winner with a wide smile that I have not worn in years, feeling like a star.

So Doctor Dima does not only treat celebrities, but he also helps normal people like me to feel like stars and, more than that, helps them to regain the optimism, the self-confidence and the pleasure to smile without being restricted by defective teeth.

People say that we quickly get used to good; it is true but every time I see myself in the mirror I thank to Doctor Dima with “gold hands” (this is how he was recommended to me), to Oana – a relaxing and efficient person  and to the “skilled” technician.

If you think I am being subjective, you can have an “on demand”  testimony and an acknowledgment of my aesthetic change from my husband, a 100% Dutch who has now a bigger respect for Romania and who certainly wants to let himself treated by the hands of Doctor Dima as soon as possible.

In my opinion Dental Progress could be characterized by the following motto: “OPTIMISIM and CONFIDENCE”.”

With gratitude,

Mihaela Balaceanu

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